Rarebird Farm
Rarebird Farm SP-SKA Willow
Doe - L5
DOB: January 2, 2019

November 2019 -Willow Has show quality She has general appearance in smoothness and blending throughout that creates an impressive style, has nice topline and straight front legs and rear legs are well angulated in side profile through the stifle to cleanly mold hocks.

CH AGS God's Love Farm Tough Lil Dude VEV 88
Apache Downs Lil Storm Petrel *DNA* EEE 90
SG 1*M AGS Noah's Acre's "L" LA VEEE 90
Rarebird Farm SP Storm Petrel *DNA* VEV 86
Dreahook AF Spyker
SG 3*M Rarebird Farm Nutmeg Manikin A *DNA* +AV+ 83

2*M Rarebird Farm ASIO Abyssinien +VVV 85
Rarebird Farm SP-SKA Willow
VEE+ 86
Doubletree Trojan
AGS Doubletree O'Brian *DNA* +B +VV 85
1x Grand Champion Buck
Doubletree Somethin About Mary
Best Udder, Ch x11
Reserve Sr Doe 2x

4*M Rarebird Farm Olor Swanie KA VVVV 86

Dreahook AG Spyker
3*M Rarebird Farm Kittywake A *DNA* +AVV 84
2*M Rarebird Farm ASIO Abyssinian +VVV 85


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