Rarebird Farm
Rarebird Farm Nutmeg Manikin A
Doe - E7
DOB: March 18, 2014

November 2019 - Nutmeg has diary strength, a capacious rumin that earned her SG for production in the pail. She also has a nice top-line from wither to pin, and a strong front assembly that is well blended and that has straight alignment from wither through shoulder to hoof.

Dragonfly RY Stonewall Jackson +B
Fairlea Atticus Finch*B
4*M Fairlea Florence
Dreahook AF Spyker
AGS TX Twincreeks Downtown Brown
SG AGS Dreahook DB White Russian VVEV 88

CH AGS Dreahook Rainbow Rhapsody VVEE 88
SG 3*M Rarebird Farm Nutmeg Manikin A *DNA* +AV+ 83

AGS God's Love Farm King Bambi +B VVV
Phoenix Farm Mr Sandman +*B +VV 82
1*M AGS God's Love Farm Cloudy*DNA* VVEE 90
2*M Rarebird Farm ASIO Abyssinien +VVV 85

AGS Cornerstone Farm Midden
1*M SG AGS Cornerstone Farm Rebekah V+E+ 84
AGS Cornerstone Farm Anah II


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