RareBird Farm
About Us

Our reason for breeding is to improve the Nigerian Dwarf lineage, obtain delicious milk, and establish our herd name as highly regarded. We do this through the employment of reputable organizations that evaluate, confirm and record our herd's data.

Our goal is to maintain a small herd that continues to improve and do well in both, milk capacity and shows. Because of this we cannot keep every goat born into our herd.~~ Nice pedigree registered goats can be purchased and those that don't meet characteristic criteria can be purchased as pets.

We test with Department of Agriculture
We have tested negative for CLA, CAE, Johnes and Brucellosis since 2014.

We are on the ADGA Plus program

We do DHI monthly milk testing to validate our herds milk production capacity. We have our herd appraised to evaluate and confirm an improvement of our breeding program. And we also do DNA testing for Sire Development.


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