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Nigerian goats on Rarebird Farm

Rarebird Farm was established in 2010

Why Nigerian goats~~

The Nigerian goat has brought great joy to my family. Before buying a goat, we did lots of research to make sure we picked the best breed for us. ~~ With its sweet nature and docile temperament, the Nigerian Dwarf turned out to be that special breed. . ~~

Dairy Dairy Dairy

Nigerian Dwarf are a whole lot of dairy for its size. This small goat has the ability to give large amounts of milk.~~ They can give up to 2 quarts of delicious sweet milk a day at their peak milking ability and on average, they can provide at least 1 quart of milk a day for 5-9 months or longer.
We test with Department of Agriculture

We have tested negative for CLA, CAE, Johnes, and Brucellosis since 2014
Robin Akeret
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